Security Doors

Security Doors Melbourne

At E & G Security Doors, we specialize in providing a complete range of security solutions to ensure your safety. We are the one-stop-shop for all your needs for security doors in Melbourne and you can rely on us for expertly crafted security doors. We are aware that your needs and preferences vary hence we have amazing options to choose from. From decorative security screen door customisation to security doors installation, we have your needs covered. Designed with an emphasis on durability and safety, our doors effectively shield your home from intruders.

We offer 5 general types of security doors to customers across Melbourne:
  • Aluminium doors
  • Extra privacy doors
  • Heavy-duty steel doors
  • Decorative security doors
  • Diamond Doors
There is a wide range of styles for each type of door. If you are confused about which design or type would best suit your application, don't hesitate to call us. Whether you are looking for sliding security doors in Melbourne or need custom-made security doors, we have your needs covered. A smart approach is to use our 35 years of experience in the industry to find the ideal solution for your project.

Aluminium Security Doors

These are a very popular option for applications that only require a low level of security e.g. families with young children wanting to open doors for ventilation but need to control small children.

The frames come in a wide range of colours which means a suitable door can be found to complement most colour schemes.

Extra Privacy Doors

Xgard privacy mesh offers you the ultimate in privacy. It protects your family against unwanted viewing of your living areas and offers a high degree of security at the same time.

The exclusive Xgard mesh design ensures you can see outside, but it limits the field of vision for those looking in, offering you peace of mind and safety.

Heavy-Duty Steel Security Doors

There are a great range of styles and features to choose from;
  • Welded construction in solid and tubular steel.
  • Single point deadlock with keyless locking snib.
  • Powder-coated over a zinc-plated base.
  • Huge range of heritage and modern colours, powder-coated for the ultimate in durability.
  • Many styles available
Options include:
  • Three-point locking systems.
  • Pet entry doors.
  • Brass or chrome feature handles.
  • Hot dip galvanizing for the ultimate in environmental protection.

Security Door Installation

Our security door installation service is unrivalled and your safety is of paramount importance to us. Impeccably crafted and finished to perfection, our doors offer the highest possible level of security.